About us

We'll try not to ramble on for too long!

Based in Worcestershire, Baking Magic aims to share tips, recipes, and inspiration with the baking community.  Having a bakery has always been the dream, and until that day comes, we’re going to keep baking, keep planning, and keep sharing as much as we can.  If you’re interested in us helping to make a special occasion magical with one of our custom bakes, please get in touch.

We believe:

  • the word “wedding” shouldn’t add 200% to the price of everything
  • decorations and high quality ingredients shouldn’t be reserved to those who can buy them in bulk
  • understanding the baking process keeps us experimenting and improving

The idea is that cakes should be quoted based on the cost of the ingredients and the degree of time and expertise needed to design and create them – not the occasion.  All the specialist ingredients we use to make and decorate our favourite bakes will be available in an online shop which is coming soon.

As lifelong bakers, Baking Magic has been asked to make several wedding and occasion cakes for friends and family.  We’ve always been known as the bakers in the group, but it shocked us to find that £500 was a typical quote for a wedding cake, and family members were considering not having a cake because it was too much of an expense.

We hope nobody else has had this kind of experience in the past.  It should be the mission of any cake company to ensure everyone comes away happy, relaxed, and excited. Because isn’t that the whole point of a special occasion?
If you’d like to speak to us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.