The first wedding cake I ever made

Anyone who has baked for a special occasion will remember the first time they did this, and I am no different.

I’ve put my favourite picture of this cake as the large picture at the top.  I love how it’s sitting so casually among ornaments in my mum’s kitchen, and my enormous mug of tea which provided the caffeine necessary to decorate it.

I remember her walking into the room to see it, and she was so happy that she hugged my brother and cried.  That was the moment I learned that baking isn’t necessarily about baking for me.  It’s about making people I care about happy, and I want to share this with you too.

I wanted to make sure her special day was perfect, but was shocked when we learnt how much wedding cakes would be!  As an avid baker myself, I volunteered – confident in the assumption that I could do this, and it would be time-consuming, but probably quite easy.  Silly younger me.

The hardest bit to master for this cake was the fondant roses.  I had never done these before, and upon realising they’re harder to make than it first seems, I practised these so many times that the red from the icing seemed to be almost permanently staining my fingers in the weeks leading up to the wedding.


Eventually, about a week before I had to do the final version, I was happy, and (dare I say it?) repeatedly making pretty good roses!  I also discovered that it’s strangely therapeutic to squish any offending roses which weren’t up to standard.  The one on the plate in the picture below might have gotten thrown in a “I’m finally finished the cake and all these fiddly roses!” celebration…


Happy baking!

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